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At Moving Talent we prioritize on human relations and effective communication strategies. Our goal is to have a successful recruitment process by ensuring that our client’s recruitment needs are met. We do this by finding the ideal profiles and making the right match. We believe that our clients deserve our full attention and therefore each recruitment begins with an in-depth meeting which creates the necessary basis for us to deliver candidates which match your needs.

Our recruitment services include profiles who are seeking both full-time and part-time positions, or we can deliver customized solutions specifically designed for the amount hours our client wishes.

We strive to maintain excellent relations with our pool of candidates and we treat everyone equally and not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin or gender.

A typical recruitment process

Step 1: Introductory meeting and identifying your hiring needs

In order to understand your company’s needs we prefer to begin the recruitment process by meeting you at your workplace. By doing so, we engage in direct dialogue which gives us a good insight in your company’s workplace culture. Our meeting will help us to pinpoint your specific needs of competences both personal and professional which will enable us to match you with the right profiles.

Step 2: Search process

Once we have identified your needs, we start the search process. In collaboration with our 4 offices, our search methods include finding candidates through our internal database of regularly updated CVs and using the latest recruitment tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter. We also rely on our networking capabilities which has been proven to be very effective. Through our network we use headhunting techniques which enable us to follow highly skilled employees who are currently employed and are possibly interested in new opportunities.

Step 3: Selection process

Through in-depth interviews, tests and collection of references, we ensure that we select the most qualified and determined candidates. All selected candidates will be presented to you with a detailed and comprehensive presentation. Our presentations have proven to help companies on deciding who they would like to meet.

Step 4: Follow up

It is important for us that your new employee is integrating and delivering from the start. We therefore follow up with you and the new employee to ensure that the new process runs smoothly. Should there be any discontent with the either parties, Moving Talent has 3-month guarantee policy which includes an employment guarantee meaning that a new recruitment process will be commenced at no extra charge. This guarantee implies that the content of the job has not changed materially. The guarantee only applies provided that the entire recruitment process has been carried out by Moving Talent.

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