Training for your benefit

At Moving Talent, we believe in the virtues of continuous training by acquiring new skills. All of our team members are upskilling from our CEO to the core team. We believe that having improved skills is essential to better address our partners’ needs. By applying our training philosophy to our event staff, we give them the necessary tools to perform their work with the latest knowledge and skills.

Continuous training is the key to increase staff motivation as well as onsite performance. It also increases their employability through mobility between positions as we aim at giving our event staff the opportunity to transfer skills from one area to another through various and interesting assignments from project management to people management. First Aid Course on Cardiac Arrest – August 2018 In 2018, we held our first training course in Denmark. Our staff work with high profile delegates for congresses, conferences and corporate events where they are in direct contact with attendees. The course is provided by our partner, the Danish Red Cross, who gives them the necessary skills and tools to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

This will ensure that delegates and clients are in a secure environment, where our staff can assist in case of medical emergencies. “With every minute that passes from a person that collapses from cardiac arrest, until he/she receives CPR, the survival chances decrease by 10%. Therefore, a quick first aid effort is crucial! “

Cross-Cultural Communication– January 2019 Our staff work with international and high-profile delegates coming from all over the word. Cultural intelligence is amongst the top soft skills that a modern employee must have. As an employer, we value it. This training aims at giving them some tools for cultural understanding to better address questions from delegates, while taking into consideration their cultural background.