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Moving Talent provides companies and organizations the option of hiring talent on short term contracts because we would like to remain as flexible as possible and cater to your needs. We also believe helping companies grow and therefore we offer our services to companies who lack resources and can only hire staff on short terms basis.

We treat temporary employment equally important and we offer our clients a diverse range of highly skilled profiles which can be used in several sectors. Our internal CV bank is composed of temporary staff who can act on short notice and provide assistance to your team whether it be for 6 months, 1 month, 1 week or 1 day.

All temporary staff who are in our internal CV bank have been interviewed and assessed which also include obtaining personal references and relevant ability/competency tests.

We offer companies the following temporary staffing solutions

• Professional staff available on short notice

• Complete administrative functions will be handled by Moving Talent

• Through our internal timesheet system, your company will only be billed for the effective hours worked by the temporary employee

• Follow up with both the temporary staff and the client

• Administrative and practical follow up

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On our team, we have multiple talented recruiters and nothing makes them happier than finding the perfect match for you. Contact them so they can let you know how we can assist you in the process.